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iHeRQles has been Certified by a 3rd party Lab, called TeloYears,
that was founded by Noble Prize winners for anti-aging research

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Age Reversal Possibilities using iHeRQles

A Dr’s perspective on why we need iHeRQles

iHeRQles 3 minute Introduction

iHeRQles Age Reversal - Full Explanation

Documented Scientific test results

Below are 11 random test result samples from 1500 case studies of people who
used iHeRQles 3 times a day for 4 months!

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iHeRQles helps the body to open the blood vessels so the blood can deliver the
iHeRQles nutrients in a targeted way, thereby positively reversing aging.

iHeRQles works by delivering non-contaminated plant extract combinations from the Mediterranean mountain ranges. These extract combinations allow the body to have a break from the constant bombardment from contaminated food sources, allowing the body to help neutralize the poisons consumed in the contaminated food, water and air we intake! As the body receives iHeRQles, it allows the body to produce two things: open blood vessels and clean blood vessels. As we like to call it…. open pipes, clean pipes. This may be the key to the blood being delivered to the immune system in a more effective way to help protect you and your family.

How it works

In 2009 Nobel Prize winning research confirmed that the length of telomeres, or the caps on the ends of chromosomes that protect DNA in cells, is the key to healthy aging. In the simplest terms, “when telomeres get shorter, life gets shorter.”

As we age, our cells are constantly dividing. Our telomeres shorten during this process causing us to age. This is where iHerQules comes in.

As part of its Healthy Aging Solution, Nu Xtrax created iHeRQles with uncontaminated premium plant extracts designed and targeted for blood cleansing and superior telomere support to promote age reversal capabilities.

iHeRQles Benefits

iHeRQles™ Ingredient List

How to get started with iHeRQles?

Help your Pets Live a Longer and Healthier Life

A perfect formula for prolonging your pet's life. Start now!

Numerous animal owners have provided confirmed testimonials about the effectiveness of iHeRQles to positively impact and improve all types of animals’ overall health and vitality, their ease of movement, and especially noticeable is how the older animals begin acting and behaving like when they were younger.

If there was a way for you to improve your pet’s health without drugs or

chemicals, would you consider it?

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